9 Best Yellow Parrot As Your Lovely Pets

If you want to have a bird as a pet in your home but could not decide which species can be right for you then I recommend finding a parrot as the best bird for you. Though there are various birds including finches, canaries, chickens, doves, and toucans, etc which you can keep as a pet but none of them can be as attractive and beautiful as a parrot. But you can find various types of parrots at pet shops which can make to confusing for you to choose the best one. Normally green parrots are commonly seen. To be a bit different from others you can opt for a yellow parrot as pets because yellow parrots are not very common.

Though you can find various other yellow birds like canaries etc. to keep as a pet, most of them cannot match the beauty of parrots with bright yellow feathers. Though it is not easy to take care of some of the parrots still most of them try to be the favorite of their owners.

Yellow parrots are found in different sizes from small to large and different color combinations, which can make it difficult to find the best yellow parrot as a pet for you. To make it easier for you I have briefly reviewed some species of yellow parrots in this write-up.

Introduction With Parrots

Before discussing some of the yellow parrots, I think it is better to have brief information about their behavior, characteristics, and needs, etc. These birds can offer you much more than your expectations if you are familiar with them.

Parrots are colorful birds that are normally found in areas with warm environments like grasslands, rainforests, islands, semi-arid regions, and savannas. But some species of parrots are also found in colder climatic regions like the alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand where you can find the Kea parrot.

Most parrots are wild by nature, but some species are kept by humans as pets for many centuries. According to the information available on the website of the San Diego Zoo, according to the written evidence, since 400 B.C. parrots are kept in captivity. Today various species of parrots are retained as pets throughout the world.

Colorful And Unique Creature

Normally parrots are found in different colors including blue, black, gray, brown, multi-colored, green red, white, orange, and yellow. They are found in large, medium, and small sizes however their lifespan is near about 30 years. Usually, they are vocal communicators and create sounds like whistlers, chatterers but some of them are relatively quiet by nature. They are social by nature but their level of socialization can vary with each species. Today you can find over 350 species of parrots throughout the world.

A bird with a curved beak can be classified as a parrot and for that reason, hookbill is another name of parrots in some areas. They have four toes in each foot-two front-facing and two back-facing to hold tree branches perfectly. They can also use their feet to manipulate things like humans can do with their fingers and thumb.

Parrots of various colors and sizes ranging from 5-inch long small lovebirds to 40-inch long large macaws are kept as pets throughout the world. Some parrots have single color whereas some have different color combinations to make them look more beautiful and unique. Even in some species, male and female parrots are altogether different from each other. In this way, pet parrots are quite different from other pets like cats and dogs. They can give you a different experience as a pet than other pets.

Review Of Some The Best Yellow Parrots

So, when you have made up your mind to find yellow parrot as pets then I have reviewed some of the best yellow parrots in this write-up to help you in finding the most suitable one for you.

Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo

sulphur crested cockatoo

There are two varieties of this parrot- with lesser sulfur-crested and greater sulfur-crested. The yellow crest of these parrots helps in recognizing them easily. They are known as affectionate and loving birds and that is why most pet owners like to keep them in their homes. But it is time-consuming and expensive to have them as pets as they need enough space, lots of interaction, and a complex diet schedule for their caretaker.

Moreover, you will have to take care of these parrots for several decades as their lifespan in captivity is nearly 70 years. These parrots are normally 15-50 inches long and 12-31 ounces in weight. Mainly they are white with yellow feathers on the crest and black beak. Male sulfur-crested cockatoos black to dark brown iris whereas females have a reddish-brown iris.

But if you are still uncertain about choosing a cockatoo or other bird, here are some considerations that can help you choose:


budgerigar yellow

These wild parrots are also known as parakeets. Most of them have green feathers but some of their species commonly have yellowish plumage. Sometimes yellow budgerigars are mistaken as canaries due to their bright yellow color. Some of these yellow parrots have eyes with a reddish tint. Globally they are among the most popular pet birds due to their friendly behavior and smaller size. Normally their length from head to tail end is 6-8 inches and weighs 1 ounce. Physically they have yellow and black color on the back and green at abdomen, dark blue tail, and yellow head.


cockatiel yellow

These parrots can be recognized easily with their yellow color plumage. Their yellowish plumage’s shade can vary from dark yellow like the tone of egg yolk to pale yellow. On their cheeks, you can commonly find patches of bright orange color and the color of their head crest is mostly bright yellow. Most of these parrots are well-trained whistlers and are very affectionate by nature. Normally they are 12-13 inches long and 3 ounces in weight. Usually, they have a yellow crest and face, gray body, long tail, and orange cheeks.

If you decide to get a cockatiel you can read the following articles to prepare everything about caring for this very clever bird:

Blue-and-Gold Macaw

Blue gold macaw wings

These parrots are partially yellow as mainly they are gold and blue macaw as per their name. But their beauty is exceptionally bright as compared to other yellow parrots. They are the best pets for the caretakers who can spend a lot of time communicating with these intelligent parrots. They like to listen to the shrill and loud vocal sounds and need a lot of space to play.

All macaw families are known to be entertaining pets as they can learn several tricks learned by other birds like talking etc. From head to tail end they are 30-36 inches long and 28 to 46 ounces in weight that makes this creature as biggest yellow parrot you can find.

Normally they have a green forehead which goes on fading on the back of their neck, tail, wings, and back. They are yellow under their wings and on the chest. They have a large black beak.

Pacific Parrotlet

yellow Pacific Parrotlet

The yellow parrots of this species are affectionately known as ‘pocket parrots’ due to their very small size. Though the size of these parrots is just 4 to5 inches and weighs one ounce only but their personality is very impressive. They have to be cared for as dedicatedly as large parrots are cared for. They are lively, intelligent, and energetic by nature.

To domesticate these parrots and keep them healthy you will have to handle them regularly and allow them to do physical and mental exercises. They have a yellow body and head and blue behind their eyes and back. Other variations of these parrots are available in white and blue colors.

Golden Conure

golden conure

These parrots have noticeably bright yellow feathers on their entire body but in some cases, the tips of their flight feathers have a contrast color of dark green. These birds are rarely kept as pets due to their high levels of energy and extensive space required inside and outside the space for exercise. Normally they are 14 inches long and up to 8ounces in weight. They are mainly bright yellow birds with dark gee tips of feathers used for flying. Around their eyes, you can find the white ring. They have pink legs and feet and tan-colored beaks.

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

Double Yellow Headed Amazon

The parrots of this species have heads of bright yellow color. Amazon is added to their name because they are popular pet birds from the Amazon group. They can not only mimic sounds and words easily but also operas as they are very intelligent by nature. Though these yellow parrot are very social by nature if their caretaker does not have enough time to spend with them then they can become very depressed and destructive.

If you keep them as pets then you should be ready to take care of these parrots for several decades as their average lifespan is up to 60 years. Their average length is 15-17 inches and weighs up to 16-23 ounces. Normally they have a yellow head and green body along with tan beak, white rings around their eyes, and at bend wings are red.

Fischer’s lovebird

Agapornis fischeri lovebird couple

This species’ parrots can be your loyal friend if you interact with them regularly as they have a lot of energy. But when they are kept in a large cage they behave more gently than other types of love birds even if they are very energetic. Usually, they are found in orange, yellow, and green colors. They are small in size and their lifespan is up to 20 years. This species of parrot is known to create whistling and chattering sounds. They are social by nature.

Though, yellow Fischer’s lovebirds are not as popular pets as lovebirds with peach face still people like them due to their attractive personality.

Originally they belong to central Africa but in captivity, they are very creative and productive. Their babies can be fed domestically. But yellow lovebirds are a bit costly than their peach-faced counterpart due to their popularity among pet owners and rarity.

Sun Conure

sun conure

It is one of the most popular small-sized parrots that are usually liked as pets due to their exceptional disposition, extraordinary quality, and wonderful plumage. These parrots are known not only for their big mouth and beauty but also for their vocal, expressive, and lively nature. These parrots are normally up to 12 inches long and 4-5 ounces n weight. They can be recognized easily due to their bright yellow and orange color combination spotted with green patches here and there. They have black feet and beak as well as white circles around their eyes.

The reviews of some of the best yellow parrots provided in this write-up can help you to choose the best one for you. But if you are choosing yellow parrot as pets for the first time then you must go through the information provided here under until the end. It will help you to choose the right parrot for you.

Tips To Choose The Right Yellow Parrot For You

Choose a healthy bird: While choosing the right parrot for you, your first step should be to choose a bird that looks healthy. A bird that has tight feathers close to its body can be considered healthy. Its eyes should look lively and bright. You should avoid birds with missing and untidy feathers and sleep a lot or discharge from their mouth or nose as these are the signs of their poor health.

Ensure about accommodation of the bird: The size of your cage and the environment of your home should be according to the size of the parrot you choose. You will have to organize a larger cage, more food, and more space to move for a larger parrot than a smaller one. Moreover, large parrots can be more vocal than small ones. So while choosing a parrot as a pet you must consider your neighborhood as a large vocal parrot can cause problems for your neighbors. You should choose a small bird if you cannot accommodate a large cage in your home.

The lifespan of the bird: usually parrots have a long lifespan as they can live from 20-80 years depending on their species. So while choosing a bird with such a long lifespan you must consider that your family and friends can help you in taking care of your pet for such a long time or not.


After considering the entire information provided in this write-up, I think you can easily find the right yellow parrot as pets for your home.

But if you change your mind to keep a parrot with a different feather color, the following article can be a reference for you to choose your truly feathered friends:

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