Why Does My Cockatiel Hate Me? A Guide To Make Bond With Your Bird

So today, you’re getting a new pet. It is the cockatiel bird, one of the smartest bird variants living on Earth. But right at the first sight, you have seen that your new cockatiel can’t get along with you. So you ask yourself, “What happens actually? Why does my cockatiel hate me?”

Believe me, it’s natural. There is no good relationship formed in a day, isn’t it? But here is the guide for you to make an intimate bond with your cockatiel.

Why Does My Cockatiel Hate Me? You Might be Mistaken

Okay, I know it hurts, knowing that your pet bird could not get along with you for no reason. But don’t misunderstand its rude behavior as hatred.

As in fact, a cockatiel is one of the most understanding bird species. She is smart, friendly, and most of the time clingy to humans.

If your bird hates you or other family members at home, there must be something happening beforehand. Here are some situations and their potential reasons.

When Your cockatiel Loves You But Hates You Then

If you find that your cockatiel used to be kind and friendly to you, but then showing outraged behavior, you might have done something she doesn’t like.

Just like other pets, cockatiel birds are easily scared and traumatized. If you do something they considered as threatening, they will fly away from you and even hurt you.

But it wouldn’t last forever if you and your cockatiel bird have got along for a long time. It might be upset for some days but will act normally afterward.

When Your Cockatiel Hates You But Loves Everyone

This happens to some cockatiel owners in the online forums, but does this also happen to you?

If it does, you have to check what things you have done to your cockatiel that makes it hate you.

Have you ever tried to catch it suddenly? Have you ever pranked it for something?

After realizing your mistake, try to mend your behavior towards the bird. See how other people in your house interact with it, and try to imitate them.

When Your Cockatiel Hates You And Everyone

When your cockatiel hates everyone in the house, including you, it means it hasn’t got used to its new environment.

Your cockatiel might sense their former environment is better than the new one.

Most cockatiel owners have to through this adaptation phase. You can’t force your cockatiel to be comfortable in its new house in a short time.

For now, it’s better if you focus on giving the best treatment to your new cockatiel pet. Show it if you are a caring and trusted pet owner.

Cockatiel Personality and Habits

In fact, cockatiel bird is fun and entertaining if you approach it well. They can be as nice and amusing as cats or dogs, with cute and attention-seeking behavior.

cockatiel in the cage

When you succeed to form a strong bond with it, it can even do things as you said and imitate what people talk. In short, it will do its best to gain attraction from you.

But before you reach this level, you should understand the natural personality and habits of your cockatiel bird first, here they are:

1. Naturally Lives In An Open Environment

A cockatiel is included in the parrot family, which means it naturally lives in groups in an open environment.

Despite its friendly and calm behavior, cockatiel used to live with companies. Therefore it is normal if your cockatiel isn’t close to you right after you bring it home.

If you want your cockatiel to be content with its new habitat, make sure everyone at home is kind and friendly to it.

2. Has A Long Life Span

Unlike most pets, a cockatiel has a long life span, with approximately 25 years age before it gets old and dies.

It means when you bring a cockatiel to your family, you have to be ready to take care of it for a long time.

So sooner or later, you will make a strong relationship with your cockatiel, even if it looks like it detests you now.

3. Good At Socializing With Humans

In general, cockatiels are good at socializing with humans, they would be upset with you today, but it wouldn’t last.

But if you have done things that are too scary to your cockatiel (such as putting itself in danger or giving it bad food), you will leave an unpleasant experience in your cockatiel’s mind.

So just as you take care of other pets, treat your cockatiel properly and it will love your company forever.

4. Comical, Noisy, And Clingy

A cockatiel is notably known as a pet bird with comical, noisy, and clingy behavior. Unlike other pet birds, cockatiels have unique personalities that could make its owner feel entertained.

cockatiel and budgie

Just try to browse it on Youtube, and see how many videos about cockatiels’ funny behaviors are recorded.

So, remember this fact to understand your cockatiel better.

5. Fast Learner

A cockatiel is a genius and fast learner bird. You can hone this talent by giving proper training to it.

Most well-trained cockatiels can imitate others’ sayings, and there are few of them who can even tease a specific person by their chirps.

But obviously, if you want your cockatiel to be as smart as this, you need to be patient. As a matter of fact, cockatiels’ training can take months and years, so be prepared for it.

How To Tame Cockatiel Bird When It Gets Angry

After you read this, I hope you wouldn’t ask another question like “Why does my cockatiel hate me” anymore.

Your cockatiel doesn’t hate you, but it’s just angry with you.

When cockatiel hates you

But before you get depressed, here are some tips I could give to tame your angry cockatiel.

1. Don’t Rush Yourself

First, hold your breath. I know it sucks when your cockatiel runs from you and bites your fingers when you get closer.

But don’t rush yourself. When your cockatiel behaves like this, it’s best for you to wait until it gets calmer.

Give your cockatiel a day or two without meeting you, and afterward, try to give it normal treatment as if nothing happened.

If it still gets upset when you are around, give it more time and be patient until it can accept your company.

2. Be Gentle

Do you ever ask yourself why cockatiels like to bite fingers with their beak? When this happens to you, it doesn’t mean that cockatiels hate hands and fingers.

However, cockatiels hate “strange” things that are unfamiliar to them. It can be anything, not only fingers but also head, face, and anything new that’s trying to approach them.

So if you are new to having a cockatiel as a pet, be gentle and careful towards it the first time you make an interaction with it.

3. Give It Proper Treatments

You still have the responsibility to take care of your pet, even if it gets angry at you. So don’t ignore your cockatiel even when it gets wild when seeing you. If your presence makes it even wilder, ask another family member to treat it just as usual.

But it will be better if you can approach your cockatiel all by yourself, even in its upset time. It will help you to make up your relationship with your cockatiel.

4. Know Its Favorite Foods And Toys

There are various foods you can give to your cockatiel, but not all of them will be favored. So when your cockatiel gets angry, try to give it its most favorite foods.

Also, don’t forget to put its favorite toys inside its cage. When a cockatiel gets angry, it will throw its toys everywhere and make noises. But if it can play with its toys normally, there’s a possibility if it isn’t in a bad mood anymore.

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5. Try to Socialize Everyday

As mentioned above, you still need to see your cockatiel even when it hates you. Touching an angry cockatiel is dangerous, but you can still socialize with it by talking to it every day and giving them food.

And someday when your cockatiel starts to draw your attention, it means it isn’t angry with you anymore, and you can play with it.

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6. Let It Get A Fresh Air Outside The Cage

Birds don’t like to be in a cage, so are cockatiels. Therefore, as a pet owner, you have to be kind and give your pet a break from its cage. Let your cockatiel stretch its wings for free and fly inside your house.

But before you do this, make sure you keep the bird from flying outside your reach. You don’t want to lose your lovely bird pet, do you?

7. Give It A Bird Company

Cockatiels, just like other animals, need a mating season to make up and breed. So when someday your cockatiel looks mad for no reason, one of the probable reasons is it needs a cockatiel partner.

That’s why it’s ideal for pet owners to have at least a pair of cockatiel birds, male and female, so they can breed like their natural instinct.

8. Make It Feels Like Home

This might be difficult, but the best home for cockatiels is not a mere cage hanging on the roof with foods, toys, and water.

However, an ideal cage for your cockatiel is a miniature of its natural habitat, with trees and wind breezes.

So if you have time to make a better cage, it’s best if you can make a cockatiel cage that makes your bird “feels like home”.

That’s all I can answer regarding your question “Why does my cockatiel hate me?”. I wish you can use this as a guidance to get closer to your cockatiel birds and form a stronger relationship with them.

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