Practical Steps to Have Potty Train Parrot Successfully

As a parrot lover, one of the most important things you need to do is potty train. Of course, a potty train parrot is very important so that your pet doesn’t poop everywhere.

The question is, can you potty train your parrot? The answer is Yes. Parrots can be toilet trained. Young parrots may need to be trained from scratch.

However, even if your new bird is older or has been potty trained, sometimes you still need to retrain it. For large parrots, you can easily do the exercises. You just choose the right tips so that your parrot can poop in its place.

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Training a parrot to the toilet takes patience.  Try to understand what they need and guide your parrots’ behavior so they can adjust to life in your home more quickly.

This article will discuss what a potty train is, what are the benefits of a potty train for your parrot, and how to potty train your parrot.

What Is a Potty Train?

It is important for your parrot to be potty trained. What it is? In general, the potty train is an exercise using the toilet or a place to defecate or urinate.

Through this training, you can teach your beloved parrot to get used to defecating in the right place.

You should do potty training with patience and affection, like teaching your sons. Your parrot can easily do it.

Potty training your parrot is a tricky thing. But don’t worry; I will give you some tips that you can try to make it easier.

The Benefits of Potty Train Parrot

Enjoying the sound of a parrot with all its cute behavior is a satisfaction. However, you should still want a clean house and certainly don’t want your parrot to poop anywhere.

You want your home to be clean and free of bird droppings. This is why you need to train your parrot to use the toilet. So, one of the benefits of the potty train is that the parrot can defecate in the space provided.

In addition to not littering, you can actually invite him to live clean and get your parrot to obey your orders. Keeping a parrot is not only for enjoying the sound but you should also be willing to follow your orders.

Another benefit is that toilet-trained parrots can also make better house pets in the long run. Your parrot will be healthier and cleaner and of course will make the sound more adorable.

How to Potty Train Your Parrot

The first important thing you need to do when you want to teach your parrot to go to the toilet is to observe its innate behavior when it is still out in the wild.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. Here are practical steps on how to potty train your parrot quickly.

  • Observe Behavior of Your Parrot

The first step you need to do is observe the behavior of your parrot. To potty train your parrot; try observing its behavior before going to the toilet.

Do not forget; also observe how often he goes to the toilet. This will make it easier for you to know when and how often your parrot is taken to the toilet.

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  • Use the Right Command Word

You can communicate with your parrot with words. You can use the correct command word to get your bird to do your bidding, for example going to the toilet.

When you see signs your parrot is about to defecate, for example, it often squats, you should order him to go to the toilet. For the command words choose simple ones, for instance “just go to the toilet”, etc.

  • Create Comfortable Potty Place

A convenient potty holder will make it easier for you to potty train your parrot. Try the location of the potty close to the cage.

Most people use used goods to make parrot pots. You can make it in the wastebasket or simply by placing a towel in a certain place in your house.

You can make a potty out of anything; however, you should choose a location that is easily accessible to your parrot.

  • Take Your Parrot to the Potty Immediately

If you see your parrot exhibiting behaviors such as wagging its tail or crouching frequently, it’s a sign that your bird is pooping.

Your bird wants to go to the potty. Take your bird to the potty immediately and do not let your bird out of the cage.

To bring your bird also needs a command word. For example, it is by ordering the bird to jump and perch on your arm or finger. Then, take it to the potty and wait for it to finish defecating.


  • Give the Right Command

Precise commands make it easy for your parrot to follow your orders. Give the command word you have taught when the bird wants to poop.

Like humans, parrots are intelligent birds that easily understand command words. When you order, it knows where to poop, on the potty of course.

  • Reward for Obeying Command

Like humans, parrots also understand what you mean by giving them something. For obedience to your orders, there is nothing wrong if you give a gift for it.

Reward every time your parrot goes to the available potty to poop on time.

Give a special gift, such as its favorite food, so that it will get used to and understand the purpose of giving the gift.

  • Choose the Right Time

Training parrots to the toilet also takes the right time. You should not train your parrot too early.

If you have a new parrot, it’s best not to potty train right away. Give it time to adjust to your home. Directly giving exercise only makes your bird tired.

Once your bird is able to enjoy life in your home, you start potty training slowly.

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  • Realistic Wishes

Like birds living in the wild, it’s not easy to train a parrot to potty quickly. You have to be realistic and don’t expect your bird to follow your orders quickly.

Everything needs a process and of course requires patience.

Never hurt your parrot, for example by hitting it, because that will only make the bird feel stressed so it doesn’t want to follow your commands.

This time, your patience is tested! If you can’t be patient, it’s not the parrot that goes to the toilet to poop; on the contrary, it is you who will be frustrated by yourself.

There is always a way to start something difficult. Potty train parrot is not an easy job. But you can do it with patience and sincerity. Consider your parrot as a part of your family.



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