Do Cockatiel Need Play Gym? Find Out Why

When you are a cockatiel owner and seeing so many kinds of cockatiel play gym online, you might start thinking about getting one.

But the question is, does a cockatiel actually need a play gym?

Cockatiels need toys to keep them from feeling bored. And play gym is one type of toy suitable for a cockatiel. Besides being useful for avoiding boredom, playing gym can also help maintain cockatiel health. Cockatiel also avoided overgrown beak if he trained his beak by chewing the play gym which was made of wood.

For clarity, I’ve prepared all the explanations that can help you decide why your cockatiel needs a play gym!

The Characteristics of Cockatiel

Before you decide to make a cockatiel as a pet, you have probably considered a lot of things. Actually, knowing the characteristics of a cockatiel will help you decide whether you want to buy a bird play stand or not.

Here are some of cockatiel characteristics you have to understand:

Cockatiel is a Very Kind Bird

The reason why cockatiel is a very fun pet is that cockatiel is very kind. Of course, it will not be that kind right away. But, with some training from the owner, cockatiel will absolutely be your best friend!

Cockatiel Loves People!

A cockatiel loves interacting with its owner. In fact, it needs interaction with people every day. Cockatiels love to play with you and they will not be afraid if you touch them.

The more often you interact with your cockatiel, the happier it is! So, it is highly recommended for you to, at least, talk and play with your cockatiel an hour a day.

Cockatiel kisses

Cockatiel Likes Being Close to You

Yes, this seems very unbelievable, but it is very true. If they are tamed, they love to be close to their owner more than they love to fly.

You do not have to worry a lot that your cockatiel will run away when you are actually close to them. That is why you have to interact every day with your cockatiel so it knows that you are its best friend!

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Cockatiel Can Play Outside The Cage

Well, generally, when you own a bird, it is not healthy to keep them in a cage almost every day. A bird needs to fly!

It is understandable that maybe you will not let your bird pet get outside the cage because when they fly, it will be very hard for you to get it again inside the cage. But, you have to think about their nature too.

Lucky for you, if you own a cockatiel, they can play outside the cage without flying too far or too high. Interesting, right?

So this part can be your best consideration if you are thinking of buying the parrot bird gym. Yes, remember that cockatiels are small parrots.

Cockatiel is Very Adaptable

This will have a connection with the point above.

Cockatiels are very trainable. Before you get them outside their cage to play on the play gym for cockatiels you finally get, it will need several weeks until they are obedient and adjusted.

Until this point, your will to buy a play gym for birds may increase. Now, let’s take a look at how you can train your cockatiel to be tranquil outside the cage.

Steps on How to Train your Cockatiels to Play in a Cockatiel Play Gym

The steps of training your cockatiels outside its cage may depend on your situation with your cockatiel pet. Let’s consider that you just bought your cockatiel in a pet store.

Here are the steps:

Make your Cockatiel Feels at Home

Well, you just bought the cockatiel and you just brought them home. The thing is, your cockatiel just learned that this is its new home.

They need to adapt to the new situation and the new place they are in right now. We already said that cockatiel is a very adaptable bird, but the adaptation itself needs time.

Put your cockatiel in its cage for the first week. You can put the cage in a room where the cage will be every day. Now, your cockatiel will learn about the room’s situation.

This part will last for one to two weeks. If you wonder when you can move to the next step and get it outside to play in the gym, then you can move when you sense that your bird is getting tame and getting used to your presence near them.

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Train your Cockatiel to Get Out from The Cage

In this part, you can decide confidently that you need a play gym for cockatiels at home. Because, where else would your cockatiels play outside the gym when they do not have a playground?

So this is the reason why you have to take your cockatiel outside and play in a gym. Your cockatiel needs to be stimulated, both physically and mentally.

Now, can you imagine a bird in a cage and never fly and move freely? Well, if you can imagine how stressed you will be if you only stay at home and you have no more space to move, then that is what your cockatiel will feel.

First of all, when you want to get your cockatiel out from its cage, you can directly hold it and get it outside carefully.

For some situations, maybe a cockatiel will be curious and able to get out from the cage by itself, without any help. But if you think that your cockatiel is not that brave, holding it would be a great idea.

Get your Cockatiel Used to Play Outside The Cage

When you successfully get it out from the cage, let the cage open and put the food and the drink inside a cage. This will help your cockatiel move inside and outside the cage without any fear.

When it gets outside the cage, let it explore. It will not explore too far away, anyway, so you do not have to be worried about it.

An important tip for you: make sure that you have interacted well with your cockatiel long before you decide to train them to play in the gym. Call it with a name and let it eat straight from your hand.

It is very necessary for you to do all of them so you and your cockatiel are bonding. When you both can bond well, it will be so much easier to train your cockatiel.

Plus, they will not run away from you.

Now, do not forget that your cockatiel playing time is only until the afternoon. Get them back inside when it is getting dark so they can rest and play again tomorrow!

Keep Training and Interact Routinely

Along the way, your cockatiel will be much closer to you. When you finally come to this point, it will be so much easier and so much fun.

Now, you must already know that cockatiels are a very smart bird.

Not only can you get them to play in a bird play gym, but you can train them with a lot of tricks. Tricks will be fun for you to watch and it will spoil your cockatiel a lot! They will be very happy!

How to Choose The Best Cockatiel Play Gym?

Now you are already very convinced that you will get a play gym for your cockatiel once you go to a pet store. Or, maybe, you already check it out online.

Cockatiel on its play gym

Some of you may consider making a cockatiel play gym DIY, but buying it actually makes it handier.

How to choose a play gym for your cockatiels? Here are some tips:

Choose The Right Size

This is very important. Do not buy a large bird play gym because cockatiels are small parrots. If the gym is too big, it will not be that enjoyable for them. It can be dangerous too.

Do not choose a gym that is too small either. If it is too small, your cockatiel might destroy it.

Choose a Multi Colored Play Gym

There are so many cockatiel play gym designs that might interest you when you sightsee. You can choose a colorful play gym because cockatiels love colors!

A cockatiel can be attracted to a certain color too. But it is better for you to buy a play gym that has so many colors, you can find out what your cockatiel favorite color is.

Choose a Play Gym Made of Wood

The reason why you can choose a gym made of wood is because a cockatiel likes to chew, and it is better that they chew wood.

As I said before when the cockatiel starts chewing on the wooden toy it will avoid the danger of overgrown beak.

So don’t be angry if you find out that your parrot is starting to chew all its toys. It’s a natural thing, and it’s good for them.

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Choose a Play Gym with Accessories

Do not just buy a plain play gym. Choose the one that has a ladder, a swing, and even a bell. Cockatiels love to climb, even they love climbing more than they love flying!


Finally, we agree that cockatiels are the best pets.

They are very lovable, friendly and love interacting with us. Also, they are smart, very adaptable, and quiet! It is true that for some people, a bird that will not disturb the neighbors is significant.

Spoil and stimulate your cockatiels with cockatiel play gym. After you read this, you will believe that buying one for your cockatiels will make them happy beyond measure.



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