Bird Bed, Does Pet Bird Really Need It To Sleep?

Birds are some of the most popular pets that millions of people from around the world choose to adopt and/or buy. Parakeet (also known as budgie), cockatiel, finch, lovebird, dove, and parrotlet are just some of the most commonly chosen companion birds out there.

They all come in different shapes and sizes, and of course, with their own personalities. But what unites these pet birds is that they are all friendly, kind, and well-suited to be someone’s companion. It’s relatively easy to take care of and bond with such animals because they all lack aggression and have a naturally friendly disposition.

Besides being beautiful, intelligent, playful, and very fun, most of these birds have incredible singing abilities that can catch you off guard.

Some of them are even intelligent enough to talk to (like most parrot species), which explains why they are such excellent pets. But these cute pets not only need attention and care but also require their own environment. On that note, one of the most commonly asked questions that the inexperienced bird owners are trying to answer is “do birds need a bed?”. Well, if you want to find out, then keep on reading.

Why is it that the birds need a bed?

One of the most common questions that the bird-owners (and bird lovers in general) ask themselves is “do birds need their own bed?” The answer is yes. Some birds need a bed to not only improve their sleep but overall health. These pets are very social and they like to feel comfy and snuggle around. Having a bed will add a new layer of security to your bird, whilst also providing health and comfort.

So besides toys and accessories, it’s good to add a bed in your bird’s cage, where it can both play and sleep.

All birds are unique in their own way. Some of them are extremely intelligent, and others are highly social and tremendously curious. It’s no secret that if you have a lively and talkative bird, it can easily liven up the atmosphere of your household.

But besides moving around and staying active, birds also require a good night’s sleep. In order for you to ensure that your bird will receive the needed amount of sleep, make sure to install a comfortable bed. It can be in the form of a nest, tent, cave, or even swinging hammocks.

The bed is the perfect place for one bird to rest because it offers a sense of comfort, security, and privacy all in one. Beds can also offer the birds a place to retreat when they are looking for seclusion regardless if it’s in the day or night time.

What makes a good bed bird?

Nowadays, there are so many accessories, clothes, toys, and beds not just for birds but for other pets as well. With that being said, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to find a good and cozy bed for your pet bird. There are various types of beds, however, make sure you always check if a bed is made of quality materials and is absolutely safe for your birdie.

Because these pets like to chew on almost everything, you can go for beds that have soft and durable fabrics. Providing your bird a bed that’s both comfortable and secure will not only make the bird happy but also help it become more used to you and the atmosphere (this is mainly for newbies).

If you choose a bed, regardless if it’s a tent, cave, or hammock, that is not made of soft and sensitive materials, your bird will most likely ignore it.

Birds are very sensitive animals that need a lot of love and care from their owners. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need their own space and place for comfort, privacy, and/or security. That is why it’s important to buy them a bed that’s spacious enough, especially if your pet bird is bigger (like a parrot for example).

When you are opting for nets or hanging beds, make sure that you choose one that comes with the necessary hooks and clips.

Besides the aforementioned privacy and security, the bed is also important for the well-being of the animals. Along with comfort, beds can offer the birds the needed warmth when the weather is cold. As such, one bed should have all five qualities in one – durability, softness, lightweight, portability, and easiness to fix.

What is a bird snuggle and is it worth the hype?

The bird snuggle is one of the best things that a bird owner can provide to their favorite pet.

This snuggle comes in many colors and sizes but it usually looks the same. It’s a triangle-shaped nest made of cotton and other soft materials, where the birds can sleep or just relax. It has everything that a bird needs – warmth, security, and privacy to name a few.

parrot snuggle

Research and many scientists have discovered that beds for birds, especially bird snuggles, can help pet birds relax a lot more than they usually do. Speaking of which, these animals can sleep from 10 to 12 hours, however, that really depends on the bird species.

In addition to the cage covers, that aim to assist in blocking out the light and keeping dust and dander enter the cage, a cozy and soft bird snuggle or any other bird bed would be the perfect way to help your bird receive its sleep supplies.

On that note, it’s good to mention that birds have excellent hearing, so they can easily become anxious and awakened from noises and unsettling sounds, especially during their sleep hours.

Let’s take the most chosen pet birds for example – the parrots. If they are startled awake from sleep, they may develop serious night frights and/or become phobic. You can imagine how hard this will be not just for the animal but the people living with it.

For that reason, many bird owners tend to go for white noise, which has been found to be a very helpful way to filter out the noise from television, barking dogs, or any other disturbing noises during nighttime. White noise is known for offering a sound for the sleepers within its earshot.

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How to find a good bird bed for your pet bird?

Finding a good bed for your bird shouldn’t be that hard because right now, there are all sorts of beds available. Whether it’s online or in a real pet/retail store in your area, you have plenty of options for beds.

However, purchasing a bed or any other accessories online for your bird (or other pet) can save you both money and precious time.

There are many reliable online shops that you can use to buy a bed and make your bird happy. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are just some of the websites that millions of pet owners use, where you can find hundreds of products to choose from. Here are some of the best beds that you can purchase for your bird(s):

  • Winter Warm Bird Nest House

Bird bed

This lovely colored bird hammock is made of fleece. Very comfortable to rest in it as a bird bed or bird sleeping hut. But be extra careful as its fabric material may loosen as your bird begin to chew on it. Your bird’s nails could get caught in the cloth and it will ensnare your beloved bird.

  • Weewooday 2 Pieces Cozy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket

bird bed 2

Weewooday is actually a blanket for your beloved bird. These accessories are installed by hanging them with a rope that is already available. This bird blanket provides warmth in winter.

  • Natural Coconut Shell Bird Nest House Bed with Warm Pad

bird bed 3

This bed bird seems more natural because it is made of coconut shell. Besides being useful for a bed, I’m sure birds will like it because this accessory can be a material for chewing. A soft base is also included for added comfort for your beloved bird.

  • Niteangel 100% Natural Coconut Hideaway with Ladder

bird bed 4

And the last one is our favorite. The natural material made of coconut shell ensures this bird bed is the safest of the others. A parakeet or a lovebird will love its natural texture.

Most of the bird owners pay a lot of attention to their pets’ cage, diet, and toys.

However, the birds need a lot more sleep than we do and that should be one of the bird owners’ main concerns. Birds require a quiet and warm environment so that they could get a good (and long) sleep, which can last longer than 12 hours in some cases.

Sleep is an integral part of keeping your bird happy, healthy, and fun to be around.

If your pet bird has had a proper amount of sleep, it will be more lively and social, whilst also helping them remain friendly and healthy.

In most cases, these animals are just the same as us. If they don’t get the necessary sleep or other needs, they will not be fun.

Conclusion of Bird Bed

So in conclusion, yes, birds do need their own bed just like cats, dogs, and other pets do.

Whether it’s placed inside their cage or somewhere else in the house, this is the best place where your favorite bird can play, relax or sleep after flying around and being peculiar.

Birds are very social, some of them can sing, some of them can talk, but there is one thing that they all have in common and that’s their sleep needs. These charming singers usually need a lot of sleep, from 6 to 12 hours.

As mentioned previously, the most common bird beds that people go for are nests, tents, caves, and swinging hammocks, however, there are also a lot of products that can easily take your breath away with their design, creativeness, and properties.

So, if you are planning to adopt or buy a bird for yourself, a friend, or a relative, make sure the pet will receive the necessary love and care.

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