Are Cockatiels Easy to Tame? How to Tame This Bird

A cockatiel is one of the most beautiful birds. It is very wonderful to have a beautiful bird in your house. But many people still doubt having this bird because they do not know how to tame it. You may feel curious, are cockatiels easy to tame?

Thus, cockatiels can be a good friends and make you feel happy if they are tame. You can enjoy petting activities, dancing, playing, and many others with your bird.

Tame cockatiel

Don’t worry cockatiels are smart birds and easy to tame. You can train them with some techniques.  Taming cockatiels should be patient because it can influence emotion. Don’t let the bird feel stressed during the taming process.

The question is, are cockatiels easy to tame? Will be answered here. This bird is smart and they are easy to tame. If you have this bird, you can train them to start with the short session. If your bird is still young, it also makes them easy to learn.

How to Tame the Cockatiels

Sometimes you may feel not sure that taming this bird will be easy. The first thing that you have to do is ensure that you can train them.

Are cockatiels easy to tame? Yes, but the new bird needs to know who becomes its owner. You can introduce yourself and make good interactions. After they know and feel comfortable with you, the cockatiels will be easy to tame.

You have to know that when you tame the bird, it can make them feel happy. Enjoy the taming process and the bird will also enjoy learning.

How Smart are the cockatiels?

Are cockatiels easy to tame? Yes, Cockatiels have high intelligence. They are smart birds and easy to train. They can be the tame bird and gentle. You not only can teach them a trick but many tricks.

One thing that you should remember, practice the tame training every day. Be patient when the bird still does not know the trick. Make good communication and they will know that you are a good friend to them.

The new bird needs more time to know the new owner. Don’t force them to learn the trick if they do not feel comfortable and feel safe.

Give them time to them to know their new home. Don’t think that it will waste the time. Introducing the bird to its new home and friend is included in taming process.

Cockatiels are smart birds especially when you make a good relationship with them. Build their trust and don’t forget to give a reward. After each tame process, you can give some delicious snacks to them. Avoid scaring acts that make them feel afraid of you or the environment.

How to Start the Taming Process?

Before starting the taming process, you should let your new bird enjoy the time in the cage. Just make sure that they get enough food and comfort place to sleep.

While feeding the bird, you can talk to them. They should learn and know your voice to build their comfort. They will trust you after a few days.

This process will make you calm and patient. Because if you do not be calm when talking with your birds, they may feel afraid and not want to learn.

This sign that the cockatiel feels comfort and trusts you, the bird will look happy and not feel afraid when you change the water or fill the food.

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What is the Next Step?

After you feel close to the cockatiel, you can move to the next step of the taming process. Here you can try to teach the bird to feel comfortable with your skin. Touch the bird carefully. Don’t force them if the cockatiel is still afraid of your hand.

Whereas, hand taming is very important training for the bird. You may need a few days to make the bird feel happy with your touch. They will learn that your hand is the comfort place.

If you are successful in this taming process, the bird will enjoy being in your hand. You can start to put your hand near the cage. Then, use your finger to play with the bird. Make eye contact and then give the bird their favorite foods.

Feeding a cockatiel by hand

If the bird still does not want to approach your hand, you can put the seed in the cage. When they enjoy the food, try to give a soft touch to their stomach.

Your calm emotion makes the bird feel safe and they will be easy to tame. Success training starts with the simple thing. You do not need to put all your hand into the cage for the first time. Better, use your finger from the outside of the cage.

Give a soft touch to the bird’s stomach and then move to the other part of the body. It makes the bird feel loved.

After you let the bird feel comfortable with your touch, you can see the bird’s response. If they give a good response and it shows that they are happy being handled, it means the bird is almost being tamed.

How Long I Should Tame the Cockatiel?

If you want to make your cockatiel smarter and tamed successfully, it may need a few weeks to train the bird. The bird needs a longer time to enjoy the new environment.

Are cockatiels easy to tame? Yes, don’t lose hope when it is only small progress after a few days. Just try to be consistent and keep the spirit to teach the bird.

Where is The Best Place to Tame the Bird?

The new young bird not only needs the comfort cage but you should put the cage in a comfortable place. Make sure that you select the right place.

The best place to tame your cockatiel is in a quiet place. You can choose your backyard or a room in your house. Avoid crowded places because it makes the learning session not work effectively.

Too much voice near the cage can disturb the taming session. If it is still beginning, you need a private place with your new bird. Your cockatiel will enjoy the time with you if there is no disturbance either from people or other objects.

What Makes the Bird Feel Not Comfort?

The other thing that you have to know about taming process is it will make the cockatiels feel uncomfortable. Are cockatiels easy to tame? Yes, but you should know that many things can destroy the taming process.

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You should consider that the bird may feel stress during the process. Here are some things that become the bird feel not comfort and stress:

  1. Jerking voice

  2. Hard voice

  3. Crowded place

  4. Bad treatment

  5. To much learning

  • Jerking voice

The most bird doesn’t like jerking voice. During the tame session, you should be calm. If you see that the bird gives a bad response or does not like what you want, just leave for a moment. It helps you to keep your emotion and let the bird calm.

  • Hard voice

If you put the cage in a place with many people, better if you move to the other place. Don’t make hard voices such as hard music, a machine, or the other. The bird may feel stressed by the hard voice. Especially when it is the first time the bird comes to the new home.

  • Crowded place

The cockatiel usually lives in the forest where there is no vehicle or people like in the city. So, you can put the cage in a place with many trees such as in the yard or park. If you put the bird in a room, make sure that it will be a good environment for the young bird.

  • Bad treatment

The other thing that also makes the bird feel stressed is your bad treatment. You should know how to make the bird feel happy. Make sure that the bird gets good food, a good cage, and other good treatment from you.

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  • To much learning

The taming process should make you and your bird feel enjoy. Don’t give too much learning because it will only make the bird feel stressed. Give enough time to keep the bird relax and never force it to train if the cockatiel looks so weak.

Angry cockatiel

As the owner, you can see the bird’s condition. The best time to tame the cockatiel is when the bird feels comfort. Open the cage and then show your friendly interaction. But remember to do this treatment inside a closed room. Otherwise your bird may escape to the outside.

After a few weeks, you will see how your bird looks smarter and tamed. If the bird is still wild and always tries to escape from the cage, put the cage in a room. Don’t disremember to close the door and window. It will help you feel at ease to tame the bird without being afraid of the bird runaway.

The key to making the tame process successful are be friendly and consistent. You not only can train to tame the bird but also train many tricks. Cockatiels are the smart bird, they can talk some phrases. You can teach them to talk when they are still young or around eight months. They also like to dance and whistle.

If you want to have a smart cockatiel, it will depend on you. Give your love to the bird and they will show their love to you. Now, it is time for you to practice the step above. I hope you get the answer to the question “are cockatiels easy to tame?”

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