The 9 Best Green Birds You Can Find Around The Globe

Hello, fellow bird watcher! Have you ever found green birds around your house? Or are you currently looking for one to keep as a pet? 

Well, congratulations you have come to the right place! In this text, I am going to explain the best green colored birds you can find in various places around the globe that is suitable to keep as pets. 

Hopefully, this information will get your bird-loving activities to the next level. 

Talking about green birds is obviously talking about all kinds of parrots. Especially because in various species of parrot, green is the most common color.

Green Birds Parrot

However, parrots may have more than one color, and it is quite unusual to see a completely green parrot. Having said that, there are several breeds of parrots that are mainly green with some colors mixed in. 

Still, which green birds are the most popular? I know this question lingers in your head, looking for the right answer. 

Budgies, lovebirds, Amazon parrots, and Quaker parrots are among the most common green parrots available out there. These are the more common green parrots you can keep as pets. 

Nevertheless, you can also find several parrots in the wild that are mostly green. 

So, if you are currently looking for a keeper, fret not! You will find the list of green birds in this writing.  Which is the best green bird for you? The list includes parrots you can find in the wild as well as parrots typically found in homes.

1. Lovebirds, The Loveliest Parrot

Pair of Green Lovebird

Lovebirds are a small kind of parrot that comes in nine distinct species. Each one has its own distinct coloring, although the majority are mostly green. 

Lovebirds got their name from the unique mating relationship that they create between pairs. 

The plurality of Lovebird species are African in nature. Unfortunately, three of the nine distinct populations of lovebird are deemed endangered

Despite their limited size, they have a huge personality and can be quite affectionate if you train them properly. Thus, a neglected lovebird can become irritated at times.

This species of green birds can grow up to 7 inches long and weigh up to 55 grams. They are mostly green with yellow heads and red beaks. But, you can also find blue colored lovebirds in the market.

2. A Sassy Green Bird, The Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Talkative Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Being indigenous to India, The Indian Ringneck parakeet earns its name. This type of green colored bird has a long history as pets and people’s companions. 

However, if you decide to keep it at your house, you have to be careful. The Indian Ringneck parakeet got quite a temper. Thus, it needs a lot of socialization and care.

The species is highly vulnerable and takes a lot of time out of the enclosure. So, you need to bear with these cautions in mind before you proceed to get one.

Since they are highly intelligent, these green birds are not a suitable companion for beginner or novice owners. Moreover, during puberty, they go through a bluffing process that may render them violent and hormonal.

The Indian Ringneck Parakeet is a mid-sized parrot. Therefore, it can reach up to 17 inches long and weigh about 112 grams.

3. The silent green bird, Spectacled Parrotlet

Cute Spectacled Parrotlet

If you are looking for a small sized parrot, Spectacled Parrotlet is the right choice. The bird is quite popular among keepers due to its tiny little size. Weighing for only about 30 grams, the bird grows to just 5 inches long.  

The color of the bird consists of all green body with a hint of blue around the eyes, tail, as well as its wings. The colors help Parrotlet to blend in and conceal itself from predators. 

This species of green colored birds does not chirp regularly. However, since it is a quiet kind of bird, it is an ideal option for new owners. Still, they are well-known mostly for being silly, social and endearing.

4. The lively Green Cheeked Conure

Green Cheeked Conure

The Green Cheeked Conure is just another tiny breed of parrot with a lively personality.

Since they are inexpensive to keep, they gain popularity among new bird owners.  However, they are also a keeper because they have a sweet, easy-going disposition and are less noisy than their larger relatives. 

The species’ plumage is predominantly green, with red, grey, and blue accents. 

The only downside of this green colored bird is the amount of time and energy you have to spend with them. As one of the social demanding types, Green Cheeked Conure requires a lot from its caregiver. 

It would demand your full attention and devotion on a daily basis. Thus, if you want to keep it, please make sure that you are ready with this kind of commitment. 

Being small, Green Cheek Conure has 10 inches in length and weighs for about 75 grams.

5. The cutest Green Budgies

Green Budgies Kissing

Budgerigar is a small species of green colored birds, popular for its ability to mimic human speech. Their colors range from green to yellow. 

When you decide to keep a budgie, you will notice that it is a highly intelligent bird. It can repeat your speech and remember up to 1500 words. 

As you train and get to know them, you would also learn that budgies are quite friendly and affectionate. Therefore, they become the most popular green birds in the world of aves. 

These cuties, however, are still bigger than Spectacled Parrotlet. They can reach 8 inches long and weigh about 1 ounce. 

Since they are the most popular species of the green bird, you could easily adopt them from a pet shop.

6. Red Fronted Parrot

Red Fronted Parrot

You can find The Red fronted Parrot, also known as Jardine’s Parrot as well as Poicephalus Gulielmi,  in eastern, western, and central Africa.

This bird is the largest in Poicephalus species. Moreover, they have the longest life span of up to 60 years or more.

Given its appearance, the Red fronted Parrot has relatively little red on it. It has some red on its head and wings, but it is mainly green with small black pebbling on the head, collar, tail and wings.

Red Fronted Parrot is a medium-sized bird that can reach up to 12 inches long and weigh up to300 grams. 

Compared to other parrots, they are a tad quieter. Yet, they have the ability to acquire a number of words and sound effects in a short amount of time.  Moreover, bird watchers often identify them as having human-like characteristics.

7. Red-Shouldered Macaw, the smallest breed of macaw

Red-Shouldered Macaw

If you are into the larger size of green birds, a Macaw is a perfect fit for you. The first one to discuss would be The Red Shouldered Macaw. 

The bird, also known as the Hahn’s Macaw, is the tiniest macaw you can find among the other types of Macaw. 

They are a common option for parrot holders who want a Macaw but do not have enough room for a full-sized one. So, are you one of them? 

Red Shouldered Macaw would fit a tiny cage since they only have 12 inches in length and weigh about 170 grams. They are practically the smallest breed of Macaw. 

This species of parrot is extremely intelligent and, therefore, can acquire new vocabulary, tricks, and behaviors. 

The species has a strong relationship with its owners and demands a lot of care. Overall, they are a gentle breed, but they do need adequate socialization to stop being nippy.

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8. The largest of green birds, Great Green Macaw

Great Green Macaw

After talking about the smallest species of Macaw, we are going to move to the largest one. As one of the world’s biggest Macaw species, the great green Macaw can grow up to 36 inches. They also weigh more than 1 kilo. 

As the name means, they are almost completely green in hue, with the exception of some blue on their lower back, rump, and upper tail feathers. The bird is endemic to Central and South America’s lowlands and foothill forests. 

Unfortunately, there are only around 3500 Great Green Macaws remaining in the country, and they are now classified as an endangered species. 

The population of Great Green Macaws has declined dramatically (by more than 50%) in the last ten years, owing primarily to habitat destruction.

9. The Military Macaw, exotic green birds

Flying Military Macaw

The Military Macaw, a bigger breed of parrot, is mainly green in color, with light green on the crown and deeper and olive colors on the body.

Their olive plumage is accented with vivid blue draping on the wing and crimson on the forehead.

This parrot, which is indigenous to South America, is an endangered bird that is on the brink of extinction.

This is largely attributed to environmental degradation and the pet market. The military macaw is a friendly and well-mannered parrot, but their personality and mood are somewhat similar to that of their parents.

Although they are not born with the opportunity to speak like certain others, they can also be taught to do so. 

This species of Macaw can reach up to 30 inches and weigh about 2 pounds.

So, what do you choose as your favorite green birds?

Green colored birds pets are such a keeper. Most of them are friendly and affectionate pets to keep at home. 

However, you need to adjust your lifestyle to keep them as these birds demand more attention than the others. They also come with different personalities, even if they come from the same species.

It is up to you to choose your bird companion. And once you choose one, don’t forget to give them all you love and care.

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